how to say 'think' and 'sick'

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how to say 'think' and 'sick'

Post by matt » Tue Oct 07, 2003 1:12 am

How do you say 'to get sick' because i know 'serng foong' is to catch a cold. and to think... how would you put sick + think together, such as "i think i'm getting sick" or in other words, "i think i'm catching a sickness"

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Post by Terence » Fri Oct 10, 2003 12:51 pm

想病, 作病, uncomfortable feeling makes you think you are getting sick

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Post by MD » Thu Dec 11, 2003 9:07 am

Hey, you wanted to know how to say getting sick in cantonese?
here's some example, hope it might help you out.

"ngo lum ngo yau ban" is mean I think I am sick.

"nog lum ngo yau" +

"Fa Shao" fever.
"Seung Feng" running nose
"Gam Mo" catch a cold
"To Tung" stomachache
"Tau Tung" headache

"ngo lum nog fa shao" I think I am having fever.

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Post by hkger » Thu Dec 11, 2003 2:11 pm

If you wish to say "I think I am having fever", then it should be
"Ngo Lum Ngo Yau FAT SIU"
>> "Fa Shao" is more in mandarin, not cantonese.

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Post by mun » Thu Jan 15, 2004 5:38 am

although you are very close to the real pronounciaton and I appreciate your help for others but,

to have a fever is to say:

"Ngo Lum Ngo Yau fart siu"...

this pronounciation ^ is better because westerners will pronounce "FAT" if they use your sugestion.

and saying "fart" is closer to the pronounciation.

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Post by ... » Thu Jan 15, 2004 6:18 am

>Author: Terence (
>Date: 10-10-03 14:51

>想病, 作病, uncomfortable feeling makes you think you are getting sick

searng oww, searng oww (feel like want to vomit)??

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Post by Terence » Thu Mar 11, 2004 7:16 pm


soeng2 au2 想嘔

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Post by hhoe » Sat Apr 17, 2004 6:40 am

I think "I think" in English is "我覺得 ngo5 gok3 dak1" in Cantonese, instead of translating the meaning of "I think" directly from English.

e.g. I think he is very good. ----> ngo5 gok3 dak1 keui5 hou2 hou2.我覺得呇n好。

NOT "ngo5 lam2 keui5 hou2 hou2"

I would say 我覺得唔舒服 ngo5 gok3 dak1 m4 syu1 fuk6 for "I think I'm catching sickness".

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Post by Mirror » Wed May 12, 2004 12:50 am

Wow. How about simply :
want 想 'cern' -- it's kind of hoping
think 唸 'lum' -- meditate
And you always put a "o左 gor" after any verb indicating that it's done:
我唸我病o左 -- I believe I got sick.
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Re: how to say 'think' and 'sick'

Post by Marju » Sat Jun 19, 2004 3:48 am

Pronounce properly

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Post by Pronounce properly » Fri Dec 03, 2004 9:34 pm

Hi all,

Cantonese not 'able' or 'paying attention' substituting the 'N' with 'L' is getting out of control !

>"ngo lum ngo yau ban"
>"Ngo Lum Ngo Yau fart siu"
"Lum"(think) is pronounced 'Num'

Here is the list of comonly mispronounced (evenly news reporters/anchors from Hong Kong), it is a sad thing but it is every where when you turn on the Cantonese channel !

List of BASIC Cantonese but mispronounced:
'N' sound as opposed to 'L' sound:
'Nam(male)' vs 'Lam(blue)'
'Nei(you)' vs 'Lei(Mr Lee)'
'Nui(female)' vs 'Lui(Mr Lui)'
'Nung(farmer)' vs 'Lung(deaf)'
'Nan(difficult)' vs 'Lan(orchid)'
'Niu(bird)' vs 'Liu(了)'
'Ning(peace)' vs 'Ling(靈)'
'Na(like in CaNada)'
'Nin(squeeze)' vs 'Lin(chain)'
'Nin(year)' vs 'Lin(connect)'
'Niu(urine)' vs 'Liu(料)'
'Nai(soil)' vs 'Lai(come)'
'Nung(overcooked) vs 'Lung(hole)'
'Neun(young)' vs 'Leun(chaotic)'
'Nau(angry)' vs 'Lau(like the fly chasing you)'
The list goes on ....
So please ! If you are in the forum discussing 'language', please make an effort to 'adjust' it back to the proper pronunciation. This will help you in learning Mandarin because Mandarin speakers do not have this 'N' to be replaced by 'L' like Cantonese speakers !
Let alone some Cantonese speakers can't pronoucne 'NG' like 'Ngau(cow)', some news anchers pronouced it 'au', 'or' for 'ngor' !

Second problem with Cantonese speakers (including those news reporters/anchers from Hong Kong):
They speak 'active tense' when it is obviously a 'passive tense' such as:
- 'The events are listed below' becomes 'The events list below'
- 'Mr X was awarded...' becomes 'Mr X awarded...'
The list goes on ......

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Post by Chongtak » Tue Dec 07, 2004 8:03 pm

Yeah right changing the letter "N" into the letter "L" is really boring, it might sounds cool for young people but it's strictly incorrect!
In an other hand not cantonese have this bad habit, my friends from Hubei (Wuhan) use to swap those letters the same way.

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Post by dre » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:44 pm

i do not understand that the N and L giving so much discussion, most people i know do not use the N in normal conversations.

when getting sick; ho tsie nho hai peng ha